Who We Are

JPR Rentals is a family owned business which is based in the small Island of Gozo. The business was established over 10 years ago. We service through out all the three Maltese Island.

JPR Rentals services include rentals of chairs, tables, linens and tents for all types of occasions. We have reliable and professional employees and a great customer service department.

All Affairs merchandise is inspected and packed under the most sanitary conditions.

All deliveries are made in a timely and professional manner.

JPR Rentals has a wide variety of tents, over two hundred thousand square ft. of tents and flooring, for both small and large events. We recognize that skill is important as our product quality, therefore our employees are highly trained at assembly and maintenance of tents.

Our customer base is extensive and expertise is highly recognized and throughout the Maltese Islands.

Principles of Our Work

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Construction Managment
Facility Maintenance
Mining Infrastructure
Pavement Preservations

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